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Transform Your Life, For Good

Overcome Fears, Embrace Imperfections, and Cultivate Self-Love in 74 Transformative Lessons

What if you could…

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Unleash your true self and defy societal norms.
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Unleash your true self and defy societal norms.
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Rise above challenges and bounce back with resilience.
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Communicate effectively and express yourself with authenticity.
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Introducing Get Real, Deal & Heal

Your Path to Authentic Living and Lasting Transformation

Ready to learn the 3 Negative Behavioral Patterns and 3 Antidotes that will Transform Your Life from Surviving to Thriving?

The 3 Negative Behavioral Patterns Are…

Self-Centered Fear

We will identify what self-centered fear is, its driving force, how to keep it at bay, and how to overcome it.

Unrealistic Expectations

This module is about learning how to set goals so you don’t set yourself up for failure. We will go over goals, grit, motivation, habit change, and how to overcome unrealistic expectations.


Learn the 5 types of perfectionists, the emotions associated with it, how to assess perfectionism within yourself, and how to overcome it.

The 3 Antidotes Are…

Living In the Moment

You will learn how to live in the moment and the obstacles that keep you from living in the moment, and techniques to bring you back to the present moment.


Learn how your brain responds to gratitude, the types of gratitude, the 7 proven benefits, and the gratitude tools.

Loving Yourself

We will cover the 5 stages of behavioral changes, learn what prevents us from loving ourselves, healing the wounds, and the important tools you need to start loving yourself.

Meet Your Transformational Toolkit

We’ll provide you tools that will transform you into your true, authentic self.

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74 Lessons
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7 Modules
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Personalized Advice

If you do not believe this truly works,

see what some of my clients have to say on the matter


"I'm part of Dan's Meetup group where Dan hosted a bi-weekly 2 hour meeting for each module in his Get Real & Deal course. I learned a bunch of concepts that I never knew existed that has helped me slow down, be more loving, communicate better, and live in the moment.

 Brad L.


“I met Dan at the gym and the information he presented was different than the kind of stuff I was used to hearing. I purchased the silver package, which transformed my life. Now I recommend him to every guy I meet that could use some extra help to shed those extra pounds.

Jeff K.


"I found Dan on social media and I was so inspired by his message that I decided to fill out a free health history and call with him. He was very knowledgeable, passionate, and listened with intention as I explained my situation. He offered some really great solutions and goals how we as a team would address my issues"

Bob M.

Ready To Own Your Evolution?

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